SHAKTI AUTO INDUSTRIES (SAI) is founded in year December 2011 and its first production started on February 2012. SAI is ISO 9001:2015 certified company.  SAI has also started its new division SHAKTI AUTO PRODUCTS (SAP) in the year 2015. SAI is currently headed by Shakti Kumar Gupta (chairman),  Charitra Gupta (M.D. (SAI)),  Abhinav Gupta (M.D. (SAP)).

SAI is trusted brand for precision turned components in various companies like MINDA.  We are referred as OEM i.e. Original Equipment Manufacturers. We provide various kinds of parts at a moderate price for example Hex Auto Parts. Our product range consists of precision turned parts, hot and cold forging parts.

We are a team of 50+ people that continuously work hard towards our goal of delivering highly precised parts on time. Before delivery, Our Quality team ensures that each and every part that we manufacture is up to the mark. For us, Client satisfaction is must.Currently, we majorly deal with Auto Sector only but striving to expand our services to different sector.


our goal is to become the largest, trusted brand of precision turned components around the globe.


We continuously strive and work hard to deliver highly précised components efficiently, timely and economically to our clients.